Interested In Enrolling?

Families interested in enrolling their child at Step by Step are encouraged to first organise an enrolment visit with the Director, where you will have an opportunity to view the facilities and ask any questions you may have about the service and its daily program.

Each new enrolled family has the opportunity to have an orientation visit of up to an hour before your child’s first day. This is a time for the families to familiarise themselves with the centre, staff and the daily routine. A staff member will also show you how to sign your child in, where to find your child’s locker and parent pocket, and also where to find daily information on your child’s progress.

Contact Us to organise an enrolment visit, alternatively complete and send us your Waiting List Application Form.

My First Day
What you will need to bring?

All clearly labelled with your child's name:

  • Start-up pack i.e. backpack, hat and sheets.
  • Clean change of clothes.
  • Water or Baby bottle and formula (if applicable.)
Note: Snugglers® nappies and Huggies® pull-ups are included in our daily fee!

What you will need to do?
  • Sign in/out your child each day.
  • Place your child’s bag in their locker and check your assigned parent pocket.
  • Let your child know that you are leaving. Give them a kiss and a cuddle and let them know you will be back later to pick him/her up.
  • Check notice boards, communication journal and Daily Diary screen or talk to your child's Educator about the days activities and your child's progress.
Please Inform Staff When
  • You are leaving the centre with your child.
  • Someone other than yourself or an authorised person is picking up your child.
  • Your address or phone number changes.
  • Your child is sick or going on holidays.
  • You will be late to pick up your child.
  • Custody/access arrangements have changed.
Sick Children
The centre cannot provide care for children who are unwell or have a contagious illness (e.g. measles, chicken pox, mumps etc...) as we have a duty of care for the health and safety to all families and children that attend the centre.

Parent Involvement
Parents are welcome in the centre at any time and your comments/suggestions are a valuable part of our professional development. At Step by Step we encourage parents to participate whenever possible by sharing a unique skill or even just reading a story to the children.

We welcome your questions and feedback, and our Centre Co-ordinator is happy to schedule an enrolment visit with you should you require any further information.